Re[2]: GRN Call #3 Action Items
Fri, 22 Jan 1999 16:23:59 -0500


I know the conference is your big money maker and I appreciate CRRA's
efforts to get the total recycling campaign going. However, I am
concerned that it will be difficult to get a critical mass (10 to 20, as
Neil suggested) of key activists together for a productive strategic
planning session on sunday. Your message refers only to Steering
Committee members and speakers, but we will need more than Steering
Cmtee members: I have heard several no's and doubtfuls from current
steering committee members, and those from CRRA will be tied up Sunday.

I had envisioned seeking 10 to 15 activists in addition to present
Seering Committee. I fear we will find few grassroots activists that
can afford the trip, lodging and food on relatively short notice, but
adding to that a conference registration fee I suspect may be too much
for most. Many of the activists Neil identified and I am thinking of
are not in the NRC/professional recycling mold, or may think of
California as La-La land, so may not appreciate the fine conference you
are putting on -- but would benefit form staying at least Monday. I
thought that when you suggested holding the meeting at your conference
that attendance would be an extra inducement to come. I hope that CRRA
can be flexible for folks who can't afford it (and who may not be

Who knows, we may need to find a neutral, non-professional-recycling
venue to convene a broad range of grassroots activists anyways...

Bill Sheehan

Subject: Re: GRN Call #3 Action Items
Date: 4/21/96 3:19 PM


I'd like to clarify the offer from CRRA regarding Conference registration
fees. What I said on the conference call is that we would work with
Grassroots Recyclers Network (GRN) Steering Committee members to waive
registration fees as appropriate. Under policies already adopted by the CRRA
Board, what that means is the following:

1. Speakers and moderators are provided complimentary registrations the day
they speak, and are asked to pay a discounted $50 fee for the 2nd day of the
Conference, to cover meals and other direct Conference costs, if they want to
stay an extra day. If GRN Steering Committee members are able to speak or
moderate on both Monday and Tuesday (if we have slots available that are
appropriate), we may be able to waive registration fees completely.

2. We also have a limited travel assistance fund to assist some key speakers
in reimbursing travel expenses. All travel assistance requests are
considered together, and then we figure out how much we can offer to each
person who requested. As we are hoping to finalize our speakers next week
for our next brochure, reimbursement requests need to be in by April 26,
1996. That's why we have been seeking recommendations of others interested
in joining in the Grassroots Recycling Network (GRN) Steering Committee
meeting who would like to be speakers to contact us immediately!!

3. Volunteers at the Conference are provided complimentary registrations
(without meals) if they volunteer a minimum of six hours of service to the
Conference organizing functions at the Conference (e.g. packet stuffing,
Registration assistance, Room monitors, tours coordination). For GRN
Steering Committee attendees, the best role would likely be room monitors.
Room monitors are asked to: place signs outside the rooms with the session
titles; make sure audio-visual equipment is working before the session;
adjust lights, check on taping equipment, monitor room temperature and
arrange for necessary adjustments, put up sponsor signs (when session is
sponsored), pick up debris left by attendees before the next session and
generally greet people as they come to the session (answering their questions
and checking that they have the proper registration tags). This role would
allow GRN Steering Committee members to attend sessions, but also would
enlist their assistance to make sure the Conference is running smoothly. We
have approximately 50 sessions which require room monitors.

If you feel something else is needed, please let me know ASAP so that I can
run that past the CRRA Board for approval. Thanks!

Gary Liss