Re: Source Reduction and Waste
Fri, 22 Jan 1999 16:23:44 -0500

Interesting philosophical discussion. I don't personally have a problem
with the word "waste", because of its multiple meanings. We 've all
heard the expression "Waste not, want not", and in that context, I think
the general public understands that to waste something is bad. "Waste",
used either as a verb or noun, may mean something of value that is being
squandered or thrown away.

I think the words "trash" and "garbage" are both much more negative, and
am concerned when I see or hear news reports that equate recycling with
one of those terms.
Dave Wade
Recycling Coordinator
UCSC Housing Services

I think Bruce and John bring up good points-- the source reduction issue in

The materials we are dealing with are waste from the
generators' perpsective (from the users' perspective it is a feedstock),
but it is not garbage, rubbish, trash, etc. Just because it's called waste
going out doesn't mean it's not a resource in a new process. That's what
nature is all about. We need to change the value/mindset we put on the
word waste.

--Amy Perlmutter