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DATE April 11, 1996
TO Rick Anthony, Tim Brownell, Marty Forman, Susan Hubbard, Dave
Kirkpatrick, Dan Knapp, Brenda Platt, Neil Seldman, Mary TKash
FROM Bill Sheehan Work tel 770-995-9606 Fax 770-995-6603
Home tel & fax 706-208-1416

RE Conference Call #3: Grassroots Recycling Agenda Steering Committee

THURSDAY, April 18th, at 4 PM EST; 3 PM CST; 1 PM PST

To connect with the call, dial 1-800-569-0883 and ask for the CRRA call.
CRRA has once again graciously offered to pay for the call.

Conference Call #3 Agenda:
? Discuss drafts (if you haven't got them by fax or email by Monday,
call me);
? Think of working titles for this group/campaign;
? Suggest one or two names to Gary for CRRA conference (our meeting of
10 to 20 activists);
? Discuss best meeting times at NRC annual convention in Pittsburg.

Here's what we discussed today on Call #2 in terms of date-milestones:
(Present on call #2: Rick, Tim, Marty, Dan, Brenda, Neil, Bill)

1. April 18 (Thursday). Third conference call.

2. May 17 (Friday). Try to have basic agreement, to present to the
May 17th NRC Board meeting with a request that they adopt these as
advocacy messages.

3. June 15-16 (Sat evening-Sun). Meeting of steering committee and 10
to 20 activists at CRRA conference to refine and agree on messages and
plan action strategy. Gary Liss suggested trying to get our platforms
addressed at the Dem and Repub conventions this summer.

4. September (mid). NRC Annual Convention. We discussed holding a
steering committee meeting Sunday, and an organizing/informational
meeting during the actual conference, perhaps following more formal
presentations (Tim Brownell is on the NRC Conference Cmtee and will
report back on scheduling possibilities).