Latest GreenYes Flyer
Fri, 22 Jan 1999 16:24:13 -0500

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If you can read Wordperfect 6.0 (IBM) files, you may be able to get the
latest flyer I just received prepared by Ron Schweitzer with the best Earth
Day message. Feel free to copy it and distribute at your Earth Day
celebrations. Thanks!

Gary Liss
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Just Say Yes to Environmental Protection!

We would like YOU to join us in a letter writing camp
aign staning Farth Day and
continuing throtagh the end of October 1996. Letters
should be sent to Presidential
candidates Bill Clinton, 13ob Dole and Ralph Nader, and
anyone else in local, state or
federal government that you wish. In addition we would
like you to get at least ten
friends, perhaps people who do not have e-ma-11, to
write letters,

Letters should begin with this simple sentence.

'Just say Yes, to environmental prot"tion"

Your letters can then continue with whatever specific environmental message
you wish to add whetheir it be
about air pollution, clear cut logging of public forests, top soil erosion,
recycling, or problems with a local
park, fcci free to write about it. For r@yrlers, Rick Anthony has worked
with the G-rassroots Recyc@g
network to develop the following additional message-, "Create Zero Waste",
"Make Jobs Not Waste", and
"Tax Bads not Goods,"

The bottom line is: We are looking to gcmci-ate as
many hand written personal
lettersaspossible,toimpact theupcomingpresid
tialelection, Wewanttomake
Aft sure that Environmental Protection is an important
issue for the next President and
Aft@ V. Congress, and to make sure that the current attacks
on, and rollbacks of, exiting
al Protect'on policies and programs are
Enviromwt I

If you would like to join out- campaign, or simply stay in touch, we have a
LISTSERVE you can sign up on. If you wish to sign up simply qend an e-mail
message to:
Listserve UCSD. edo, and type the following in the message linc
(not the subject @e) " ADD GREENYES

We will be sending out regular updates on our prograrrl, and hope that this
letter writing campaign will receive
a mountains letters in a very short period of time.

In addition we now have a Web Page on line with this same message:
HTTP:// Encourage Others to visit the web site to
pick up this message and carry it

Please help us send our elected officials a message that they
simply cannot avoid hearing!

Feel free to pass this message on to other conmned fiiends of the
environment, The
more people that get this message out, the more who know about our campaign- the
more wtio talk about it, the more who participate, the more letters we
generate, the mqrc
@lect@4-9 will li t @u