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Biodiversity in Scotland: status, trends and initiatives

A two day conference convened by the Biodiversity Unit of the
University of Edinburgh and Scottish Natural Heritage

Monday 30th September 1996
Tuesday 1st October 1996

To be held at the Royal College of Physicians,
9 Queen Street Edinburgh EH2 lJQ, Scotland

This conference will bring together researchers, practitioners and
policy makers in a common forum. Presentations will provide an
overview of Scotland's biodiversity, an appraisal of the impacts of
management and detail conservation action. Delegates will be invited
to participate in workshop sessions in order to develop an agenda for
future priority action. The conference proceedings will be published
by HMSO.
To obtain a booking form and further information please contact
Sheila Wilson, The Biodiversity Unit, Institute of Ecology and
Resource Management, The University of Edinburgh, Darwin
Building, Hayfield Road, Edinburgh EH9 3JU. Fax 0131 662-0478;

Outline of programme

Session 1: Scottish Biodiversity in Context

Prof. Michael B Usher & Prof. John Birks, Norway.

Session 2: Current Status and Trends of Biodiversity

Prof. John Miles, Prof. Paul Racey, Dr Richard Ennos,
Dr Chris Sydes, Dr Roy Walling, Dr Alan Walt, Dr Mark Young

Session 3: Sustainable Management for Biodiversity

Dr Peter Maitland, Dr Philip Ratcliffe, Dr Des Thompson.

Session 4: Towards a Strategy for Biodiversity Conservation
in Scotland (Workshops)

Session 5 Action for Biodiversity

Prof. Aubrey Manning, Sandy Kerr, Dr Vin Fleming
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