GRN Call #3 Action Items
Fri, 22 Jan 1999 16:24:11 -0500


DATE April 19, 1996
TO/EMAIL Rick Anthony, Tim Brownell, Marty Forman, Dave Kirkpatrick,
Gary Liss, Brenda Platt, Neil Seldman, (Dan Knapp)
TO/FAX Tim Brownell, Mary TKash, Dave Williamson
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RE CALL #3 -Brief report

We had our third conference call on April 18th. Joining the call were
Rick Anthony, Gary Liss, Mary T'Kash (finally got through!), Jennifer
Leahy (ILSR, for Neil and Brenda), Lynn Landes (Pennsylvania Sierra
Club), and myself. I will just note highlights and action items.

Note that Dan Knapp has asked us to accept his colleague at Urban Ore,
Dave Williamson, as his proxy on the steering committee. Dan wants to
focus on the nuts and bolts of starting total recycling facilities
(which is critical to our campaign) and is less interested in policy;
Dave is interested in policy.


1. Draft Issue Papers Dave Williamson will draft the Total
Recycling policy statement and get it to the rest of us next week. I
will make a case for a somewhat different message than 'tax bads' in a
separate message from this one. I will put all three policy statements
in a common format, and distribute. Everybody please participate by
responding to drafts as they come off the press. **Fourth conference
call in three weeks: Wednesday, May 15th.**

2. First Steering Committee & Network Meeting, Sunday June 16th,
Newport Beach CA, (before the CRRA Conference) Each of us
immediately contact key activists we would like to invite to the meeting
(for hashing out a strategy and long-term recycling agenda). Rick,
Neil/Brenda and I contact the folks we sent the Turner proposal to.
Activists will have to find their own way there, but CRRA will help with
accommodations and waive the conference fee if folks want to stay for
Monday or Tuesday. Get names and addresses to Gary Liss and he will do
a follow-up invitation/welcome mailing. We want to limit the meeting to
people likely to take action on our messages (as opposed to those who
want to do studies, and those prevented from speaking out because of
their position); we'd like 15 or 20, with as much geographic
representation as possible. Act soon to lock in good airfares; Orange
Co. Airport is 10 min. and free shuttle to conference; L.A. Airport is
1-plus hour and $50 ride.


Draft Issue Papers. Dave W. is working on developing Dan's piece on
Total Recycling into a policy document, so we didn't have that to
discuss. Some hadn't seen the Anthony-Kirkpatrick piece either. But we
spent a fair amount of time discussing messages generally. I have some
ideas about the 'tax waste' message that I will write up in a separate
message. Rick proposed that one person edit all three position
statements for consistency of style, and I volunteered to take the first
crack at it.

Names. We tentatively decided on the following names for this group
and primary campaign, pending ratification at the June 16th meeting:
Grassroots Recycling Network, organizing the Total Recycling Campaign,
using the GreenYes Listserve (set up by CRRA).


Rick Anthony
CRRA -External Policy Director
13037 Trail Dust Avenue
San Diego CA 92129
work 619-694-2196
home 619-484-4925
fax home 619-538-4632

Tim Brownell
Recycle Ann Arbor/ NPRC
2950 East Ellsworth Road
Ann Arbor MI 48108
work 313-662-6288 x14
fax work 313-662-7749
no email yet

Marty Forman
Polly Anna Technologies
6960 N. Teutonia Avenue
Milwaukee WI 53209
work 414-351-5990
home 414-242-0585
fax work 414-351-3443

David Kirkpatrick
Principal, Kirkworks
PO Box 15062
Durham NC 27704-0062
work 919-220-8065
fax work 919-220-9720

Dan Knapp
Urban Ore/ NCRA
6082 Ralston Avenue
Richmond CA 94805
work 510-235-0172
home 510-235-0172
fax work 510-235-0198

Lynn Landes
PA Sierra Club
1006 Harvard Drive
Yardley PA 19067
Home 215-493-1070
Home Fax 215-493-2567

Gary Liss
CRRA, Exec. Director
4395 Gold Trail Way
Loomis CA 95650
work 916-652-4450
fax work 916-652-0250

Brenda Platt
Inst. for Local Self Reliance/ NPRC
2425 18th Street NW
Washington DC 20009
work 202-232-4108
home 301-270-0677
fax work 202-332-0463

Neil Seldman
Inst. Local Self Reliance
425 18th Street NW
Washington DC 20009
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home 202-686-4218
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Bill Sheehan
Sierra Club -National Waste Cmtee
268 Janice Drive
Athens GA 30606
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fax work 770-995-6603
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Mary T'kash
St. Paul NEC/ NPRC
475 N. Cleveland Avenue, #100
St. Paul MN 55104
work 612-644-5436
home 612-455-5383
fax work 612-649-3109
no email yet

Dave Williamson
Urban Ore/ NCRA
Recycling & Salvage Dept.
1333 Sixth Street
Berkeley CA 94710
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email by 4/21/96