Earth Day uprising
Fri, 22 Jan 1999 16:24:18 -0500

[Here's some results on the Sierra Club's Earth Day doorhanger campaign, FYI --
Bill S.]

ON MAIN STREET: Over 80 Rallies Trumpet Earth Week Kick Off
This past Saturday is certainly a date to remember, never before have so many
Sierra Club volunteers and staff joined forces with partner organizations to
do so much to spread the word about environmental protection. Read on for
some of the early reports. The following reports are only the tip of the
iceberg of an effort that was borne out of a spirit of teamwork and
environmental commitment. Please let us know about your Earth Day rally.

Salt Lake City, Utah
Over 500 Utahns turned out for the Salt Lake Earth Day rally and so did the
sun, despite dire predictions. The media turned out in force. All four TY
stations were there, plus the two Salt Lake newspapers, as well as the Park
City newspapers. Springdale Mayor Phillip Bimstein, Salt Lake business owner
Teri Underwood, and Utah Wilderness Coalition Co-chair Larry Young inspired
ralliers with their passionate speeches.

Lansing & Detroit, Michigan
Lansing Doorhanger Event -- mighty cold, grey and damp -- but pretty darned
good visuals at the State Capitol, great job by our speakers -- and
enthusiastic crowd with lots of footage taken by NBC TV affiliate. Organizers
report that the NBC piece was one of the best environmental stories on Lansing
TV. And in Detroit speakers included Reps. John Dingell and Lynn Rivers.
Both groups distributed about 10,000 doorhangers. Additional doorhanger
activities are scheduled in both areas and Ann Arbor. Other areas have
upcoming activities scheduled.

Seattle and Renton, Washington
With a turnout of about 150, the Seattle rally was covered by King TV with
KOMO TV there as well. Speakers included a Cub Scout. Ralliers, and canvas
crew did an excellent job. The Renton rally was also filled with much
enthusiasm. Olympia and Bellingham are set to carry out most of their
activities this coming Saturday.

Racine, Wisconsin
Seventy-five to one hundred Sierrans, teamsters, teachers, kids, and
sportspeople braved the 30 degrees weather to distribute 15,000 doorhangers
throughout Racine and Kenosha. Local newspaper and radio station covered both
rallies. This week, more rallies\events will follow in Milwaukee, Madison,
Whitewater, Janesville, Eau Claire, LaCrosse, and Green Bay.

Northern Plains Region
The largest environmental volunteer force in the history of the Northern
Plains region gathered to deliver nearly all of their doorhangers. A total of
473 volunteers came together on a day that was windy, blustery, colder than
!!*#, rainy and pretty miserable. The media coverage included six TV
stations, three newspapers, and assorted radio in the six locations reporting.

CA-NV-HI Regions
Organizers report that a terrific Earth Day was had in Eureka, Monterey, San
Luis Obispo, and Santa Barbara. In the Los Angeles area, a total of about 140
volunteers in 4 different locations; TV coverage in Pasadena and print media
the day before. San Diego was a superstar event with 175 volunteers,
including 2 TV stations covering doorhanger crews. Las Vegas was another
great event with fifty people, two TV stations and Carl Pope giving a rousing
address to the crowd.

Denver, Colorado
Despite rain that turned into snow and a high temperature of 40 degrees,
Denver doorhangers had a successful event. Young and old showed up including
15 children with hand-made Earth Day flags furnished by a local elementary
school. The crowd of 150 heard from Lt. Governor Gail Scheottler before they
fanned out into the community to deliver doorhangers.

Fun was had, friends were made and the NBC affiliate followed door knobbers
through some scenic neighborhoods. The crowd consisted of religious groups,
Sierra canvas, and many first time activists recruited by the Fund for Public
Interest Research with lots of children attending including the "Big and
Little Sisters." Every TV station in the city had a camera at the lakeside
kickoff and they got great visuals. Sixty thousand plus doorhangers were

The threat of tornados kept some at home, but in the "Natural State" fearless
nobbers hung over 21,000 doorhangers on the first day of the "Take a Hike for
the Natural State" campaign. The CBS affiliate followed folks in Littlerock,
and in Fayetteville the campaign was covered by print media.

Bismarck, North Dakota
Despite a not so nice day, both TV stations, the newspaper and one radio
station covered the event which went off without a hitch.

Missoula, Great Falls & Billings, Montana
Organizers report that Great Falls got both TV stations and the newspaper.
The Missoula event had one TV station. In Billings, doorhangers were hand
delivered to Rep. Pat Williams whose staff pitched in to help deliver
doorhangers in the community.

If you didn't get a chance to participate in a doorhanger event, you may
get another opportunity at a location near you this Saturday, April 20. We
will get that list to you as soon as we can.

IN THE REAL WORLD: And the Doorhanger Prize Goes to ...
In Sioux Falls, the press materials arrived at the site complete with a
police escort. How did this happen you might ask? It seems that moments
before the event our very own Laurie Smith managed to lock the press materials
in her car and after unsuccessfully attempting to break the car window with a
brick she managed to open the door. Running out of time, she was speeding to
the site when she was pulled over by the cops.
She then managed to actually convince the cop to follow her to the site
before giving her a ticket. She arrived, police in tow, moments before the
press. However a few years were taken off of ace organizer Karen Fogas's life
expectancy since she figured the cops were on the scene to bust the group for
not having the correct permits. Regardless, a great gathering was had by a
crowd consisting of 135 folks with two TV crews, one radio and newspaper
covering the event.

In Maine, 150 people attended the rally, where Steve Perry, a member of the
Carpenters Union and the Sierra Club Labor Committee gave a rousing speech.
Three TV crews were on hand, and one followed folks as they went door to door.

In Vermont, eighty adults turned out with about ten members of the next
generation. They listened to a pumped-up Rep. Bernie Sanders speak and then
dropped 10,000 doorhangers. TV crew showed up.

In Bingo NY, 60 people distributed about 12,000 doorhangers and got on TV and
radio. TV crews followed the group Friday and Saturday.

In Philadelphia, 60 folks rallied and walked their neighborhoods, attended by
three TV stations.

On Staten Island, 75 people rallied and all the press turned out, including
German TV which was interested in the participation of the Green Party. Great
working relationships blossomed with other groups in the area and many new
volunteers got involved.

In Portland, OR 140 people showed up, with two TV stations and radio coverage.

In Idaho, the Boise rally attracted close to 150 people, with three TV cameras
in attendance. One followed the walkers. Fifty folks participated in Coeur
d'Alene and 20 in Moscow.

Know what?? That's a lot of people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IN THE PRESS: Sierrans Deliver an Important Earth Week Message
Sierrans and partners delivered an important Earth Week message via
doorhangers: "Protect America's Environment: For Our Families, For Our
Future." Send us your clips. John Barry and Bob Bingaman are collecting
clips and stories. Send via fax\email\mail ( Fax --

Detroit Metro Times, "New Front in Anti-eco-racism Battle" -- "Issues
concerning poverty and race are intertwined with environmental issues,"
explains Anne Woiwode, program director for the Mackinac Chapter. "What we
want to do is reach the people who have disconnected from the political
system, who are opting out, and inform them about what's going on and get them
involved, because only an active, informed citizenry can take this government
back," said Bill Redding, Midwestern Program Director. 4\10

Santa Barbara News-Press, "Door-to-Door Drive Kicks Off Earth Day Events" -
"We want to make people aware of the concerted efforts by Congress to roll
back all the environmental protections that we have put into place," said
Bruce Hamilton, Conservation Director. 4\14

Salt Lake Tribune, "Utahns Spread the Words: Wilderness, Environment" --
"Once the wilderness is gone, it's gone, it's gone. I want my children to be
able to have the opportunities I have had to stand in untouched desert with an
open sky without having to see power lines, mining equipment, cattle fences
and recreational vehicle campers," said Robyn Walters of Salt Lake City. 4\14

The News & Observer, "Activists Gear Up For Earth Day: Special Drive Begins" -
- "Protecting the environment is a patriotic thing," said Gregg Lyle, chair of
the Sierra Club Capital Group. "And protecting the resources is something
that everyone should be concerned about. We all drink the water. We all
breathe the air." 4\14