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Please forward any recommendations to Trade and Commerce, and cc:
CRRA@aol.com. Thanks!

Gary Liss
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From: DellaB@smtp.doc.ca.gov (Bousquet, Della)
To: CRRA@aol.com ('California Resource Recovery Association')
Date: 96-05-09 13:40:29 EDT

Please send me any information you have on the listserver and the industry
in general. I work for the Trade and Commerce Agency, Regulation Review
Unit. Our mission is to ensure that state agencies proposing regulation
amendments have adequately assessed potential economic impacts (including
competitiveness) of the proposed regulations or regulation amendments and
have considered performance based rather than prescriptive standards along
with any other less burdensome alternatives.
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Subject: Re: test message
Date: Thursday, May 09, 1996 1:17PM

Yes, I got it just fine.
As I mentioned, I am a member of the board of the California Resource
Association (CRRA) the oldest and largest recycling organization in the
State. CRRA maintains a "listserver" that enables broadcast of information
to hundreds of recyclers throughout state. To find out how to get on
listserver please e-mail request for info to:
The CRRA executive director will then get back to you with info.
Best wishes.......Lee