Thanks and Greetings
Fri, 22 Jan 1999 16:22:59 -0500

[To Bill Sheehan from Amy Perry, MassPIRG]

Got a bunch of stuff from you. I'm very interested in the grassroots
recycling network, so keep me posted. The "What is the Network" piece by you
was very good."Creating jobs not waste" by Brenda and Neil was excellent, but
a bit dense for average readers. (Who is target audience for these pieces
anyway?) "Leveling the playing field" included no answers on the $ in
politics problem which I agree is critical to solve...lots of groups have
ideas on this (including the Center for New Democracy and CalPIRG, so you
wouldn't have to start from scratch.) "Strive for total recycling" was
interesting but not concrete enough for me -- what 10 (or whatever) steps
would someone take away from this piece?

That's my brief 2 cents.

Will send you a packet on our current solid waste work, including Buy
Recycled cmpn

Take care, Amy Perry