NYT Article

Fri, 22 Jan 1999 16:22:36 -0500

Bill, Please forward to the list. Thanks, Kivi

It's letter writing time! Please join me in responding to a truly pathetic
piece of "journalism" by John Tierney in the June 30, 1996 edition of the
New York Times Magazine. The article includes such headings as
"Recycling is garbage" and "What a waste" and declares that "recycling
could be America's most wasteful activity".

The article is so idiotic and simplistic that a number of times I thought
maybe it was a joke I didn't get, as if it were a satirical piece poking fun
at the small-minded anti-environmental Republican leadership. But no.
In addition to the standard anti-recycling schtick, the article also
proclaims that fast food is more environmentally sound that fresh
produce and that low prices in the marketplace must signal efficient uses
of natural resources!!! After you read the article, pick yourself up off the
floor, stop laughing, and drop them a note (there are so many ridiculous
points to respond to that we could each cover a handful without fear of

I couldn't find Mr. Tierney's email address, but the Times can be reached
as follows: letter to the editor for possible publication:
letters@nytimes.com. Letters to the magazine department:
magazine@nytimes.com. Let's go get 'em!

Kivi Leroux, California Resource Recovery Association and the Materials
for the Future Foundation.