Re: 7 NC rebuttals to Tierney printed in N&O
Fri, 22 Jan 1999 16:22:09 -0500

Great Job in NC! Kivi Leroux got a similar response. 2 papers in CA printed
her letter to the editor already in response (San Jose Mercury News was one).

FYI - Sacramento Bee had abbreviated Tierney story as front-page in Sunday's
editorial section - about half as long as original NY Times, but as deadly.
It looked like Tierney repackaged his NYTimes work for more general pickup
around the nation and is marketing it. As a result, at yesterday's CRRA
Board meeting, Kivi Leroux and Tedd Ward agreed to put together a model
letter for our members to send to their papers when the Tierney article shows
up there. That will be included in our next RecycleScene and will be
broadcast over CRRA and GreenYes Listserves.

Gary Liss