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>> I have added your name to a discussion list. I'd be interested if
>> you got comments on your critique.

Thanks. So far, the only specific comments I've gotten back we're
yours about the def'n of waste, and one disagreeing with my contention
that consumption is fundamentally a linear process.

Actually, in a sense I am trying to divide people in that I want
recyclers to realize that source reduction is solving a different
problem than than the problem recycling is dealing with (with some
obvious overlaps). Once people understand each on their own, it
is possible to combine both (with other ideas) into a greater whole,
but I believe it is _not_ possible to understand source reduction as
an extension of or close relative of recycling.

Thanks for putting me on the list. The address you used,, is the best, though it actually ends up
(for the time being) at . I also use sometimes--both are me.

I don't think we've met before (in person or cyberwise); I am
trying to apply the approach we use at LBNL for energy efficiency
in buildings (as science, policy, and practice; are about 200 of
us here) to how we use materials (though not building materials).
This is essentially the same as source reduction of MSW.

I'd be pleased to send you any of the following; only "Celebrating
Consumption" is available on the web so far--rest are just on paper.

What is your angle on these issues?


Materials Use (Solid Waste) Documents Available:

Still in Draft Form as of 1/6/96:

Several draft papers discussing energy use in making office
paper, paper production and consumption statistics and
forecasts, and aspects of paper use and printer and copier

LBNL Paper Efficiency Project, (28 pages).

Celebrating Consumption, August 1995 (10 pages).

Paper Efficiency: Energy and Beyond, presented to Energy Efficient
Office Technology 1994, October 18, 1994 (4 pages).

Useful facts for your Paper Efficient Office, November 16, 1994 (2

Energy Efficiency in Office Electronics through Paper Efficiency,
May, 1993 (5 pages).

Statement on Potential Energy Impacts of S.2335, the 'National
Beverage Container Reuse and Recycling Act of 1992', written tes-
timony for the hearing of the Energy and Natural Resources Commit-
tee, U.S. Senate, September 17, 1992 (7 pages).

Solid Waste Research Needs In California, comments submitted to
the California Council on Science & Technology, September 10,
1992, (4 pages).

Product Life Cycle Analysis: The Missing Social Dimension, May 5,
1992, 4 pages, prepared for a seminar on "Life Cycle Assessment"
organized by the Institute for International Research, May 11-12,
1992, Washington, DC.

Solid Waste Landfilling Economics: The Value of Avoided Landfil-
ling, draft February 25, 1992 (12 pages).

The Case for Materials End-Use Analysis, June 1, 1992 (1 page).

Why Source Reduction Will Fail, June 1, 1992 (2 pages).

"Do Reusable Diapers Use More Energy?", from Home Energy magazine,
May/June 1991, pages 37,38.

LBL Research Interests in Solid Waste Policy Issues (version July
28, 1991) (2 pages).

Policy Implications of Green Design, forthcoming.

"CFCs in Refrigerator Foam", from Home Energy magazine July/August
1991, pages 11,12.

Measuring Solid Waste to Realize the Potential of Source Reduc-
tion, Master's Project (M.A.), Energy & Research Group, University
of California, Berkeley, May, 1990. (30 pages)


Bruce Nordman
Energy Analysis Program
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Berkeley, CA 94720
510-486-7089; Fax: 510-486-6996 (InterNet)