Re: Source Reduction and Recycling
Fri, 22 Jan 1999 16:21:12 -0500

Bruce Nordman,

I like your analysis and articulation of source reduction, but trashing
recyclers seems like shock journalism a la Tierney and shooting
yourself in the foot to boot. Also, calling recyclables waste strikes me
as elitist in devaluing the many local social benefits of resource
conservation -- which are intangible without physical material
to handle; the poor of this country and the world are already *source
reduced* and are involuntary pros at reuse.

This said, I do believe that a fair amount of recycling talk,
particularly by large corporations, is merely a greenwashing sham
to deflect attention from increasing consumption and non-decreasing
wasting. I think we can expose the scam without calling
recycling waste -- which is precisely what waste haulers, waste
managers and others with a vested interest in wasting currently do.

--Bill Sheehan

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