Re: greenyes
Fri, 22 Jan 1999 16:21:28 -0500

bill s sez:
any thoughts on scope of the greenyes listserve?

[from krista henkels, manager of greenyes listserve and crra board member]

Bill & Rick-
If you'd like to prepare a message that would go out to folks as they
sign up for the list telling them about the purpose of the list etc.
email it to me & I'll have to computer gurus make sure it gets done.

I think that you should send a message to the CRRA mailing list
inviting them to the greenyes list & let them sign up, that way we're
not duplicating.

[bill sheehan said]

i think we should also develop a short statement of the
list's focus, to differentiate it from other lists. I threw out that
it is for *news and policy discussions on the 3Rs,* but we should
elaborate (are we in agreement?). recycle@envirolink is good for
short technical, nuts and bolts items; i would prefer that we gently
direct queries (how are markets for plastic film in the midwest?) to
that list.