Re: GRN Organizing Workshop, PittsPA
Fri, 22 Jan 1999 16:20:04 -0500

Who does what? Also, we need to sign up people somehow (with
petitions or forms) and plug the more interested ones into concrete
tasks. Plenty of flyers, instructions for signing up to greenyes (or
a list for emails that can be directly added by Krista).
Subject: GRN Organizing Workshop, PittsPA
Date: 8/19/96 10:23 PM

This is a first cut,

Introduction 10
Inspirational introduction to the topic.
. GRN mission statement
. GRN this messges
. GRN plan

Zero Waste 15
. What does it mean
. What are the benefits of such a goal
. How do we get there
Questions 5

Jobs from Discards 15
. What kind of jobs
. What are the benefits
. Who is already doing this
Questions 5

Don't subsidize Corporate Wasting 15
. Whats being subsidized
. How does campaign contributions impact
. What our plan will achieve
Questions 5

Organizing the Network 15
. Recyclers Vote
. The internet communicates
. Agreed upon milestones,international action
Questions 5

Closing 1
. Next steps
. Presidential campiagn
. four year plan
Questions 15