Fri, 22 Jan 1999 16:20:39 -0500

I just got a call from Janice Johnson who's working on the speech for the
EPA's Director of Solid Waste to the NRC Congress. I worked with her on the
speech given to CRRA's Conference earlier in June.

She wanted ideas, facts, and sample speeches on Sustainability and Recycling
for the Director to focus on those issues. She asked "what is
sustainability? how does it relate to recycling? what should be emphasized
in the speech to the NRC? I gave her my thoughts and I referred her to a
number of you. Hopefully she'll call you.

We also discussed the EPA's 35% goal and the fact that they are still
receiving input on that, probably up through the NRC Congress. I suggested
that one of the points to be made in the speech is that they are getting that
input, and to offer to meet in one of several ways at the NRC Congress to get
more input: a formal hearing, an informal open meeting with attendees. an
informal lunch meeting with key representatives from the NRC and GRN, or for
an EPA rep. to attend already scheduled GRN meetings and get input there.
The key staffer at EPA that will be attending the NRC Congress who is
working on the 35% is George Garland, 703-308-7272.

If you have anything to fax to Janice, please send ASAP (she's drafting this
speech this week) to 703-308-8686 (Fax). Her phone number is 703-308-7280.

Gary Liss