Recycling and waste reduction in California

dcapo (
Fri, 22 Jan 1999 16:20:20 -0500

Your business or organization can reduce waste and save money !!!! To
find out
how, check out this web site.
Its the home of CALMAX. CALMAX is a free service provided by the
Waste Management Board. It is designed to help businesses find markets
materials they have traditionally discarded.

CALMAX Benefits California businesses and communities in many ways:
-New Markets for excess materials are encouraged and facilitated.
-Disposal costs are reduced and there is even the possibility of selling
you once threw away.
-Economic development is promoted by helping start-up businesses find
free or
inexpensive materials.
-Environmental Enhancement occurs as we conserve resources and landfill
space by finding uses for materials -- rather than discarding them.
-Your community benefits as schools, art groups, and nonprofit
discover the wealth of free or inexpensive materials available to them.

Please visit the CALMAX website!! If you have a similar or pertaining
website we
will be glad to add a link from our site to yours. Afterwards respond to
message at

Thank you