Hello all!

Garpster (garpster@compunet.com.mx)
Fri, 22 Jan 1999 16:20:22 -0500

I would like to introduce myself, as I am new to the list.

I am the publisher of an alternative, alternative transportation
newsletter called the GARP Newsletter. It forms part of the eco-care
plans of a number of companies in Southern California; Pacific Bell,
Brinks and Century Plaza Hotel amongst them, and is read by approx.
80,000 employees. The main aim of the newsletter is to make people care
more about their environment so they'll do something about it - in the
case of S. California, the air quality.

I am currently in Ensenada, Mexico getting ready to launch another GARP
Newsletter, but this time aimed at cleaning up the trash that befouls
this beautiful city. It means initiating recycling programs and
educating the population on its importance. And all done with an
entertaining approach!

I am NOT and eco-freak, just a member of the global community who has
found a way to make a difference, and a living at the same time.

I am building a team, and welcome any support or advice I can get.

Frank S. Wadge