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This is the list which we have compiled based on input from GRN Committee.
Please review to see if there are others who should be added. Also, if you
have any address, phone, fax or e-mail info for those where it is missing,
please forward that info to me ASAP. Thanks!

If you can't read it, please e-mail me and I'll fax a hard copy to you
(Please e-mail me your fax number). I was able to read it in Wordperfect 6.0
fine - it came up as ASCII text.

Gary Liss
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Attached is the Grassroots Recycling Network file that you requested. It is
in Tab Separated Text (.tab), which is our ASCII compatible. (There are 96

Good Luck!!


Gary, didn't fully work the first time, so I am resending.

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