EPA Letter Mailing List

Fri, 22 Jan 1999 16:19:34 -0500

TO; grn Steering Committee

Below are names we have identified as folks we will send the EPA
letter to, ask for them to sign on (or write their own letter, copied to
US!), and the GRN folks who have so far volunteered to follow up with
a personal phone call or whatever is needed. Dave Kirkpatrick
suggested that followup for many could be accomplished in
Pittsburgh, and that we should attach a cover blurb about the GRN
and our Tuesday meeting in Pittsburgh. Hopefully a 2nd draft of the
EPA letter will be faxed tomorrow and we'll have a finished product
by the middle of next week.

The other names are just for ideas of others we should reach out to
eventually -- or if others want to take them.

We can put the letter on the Greenyes listserve, but quite a few of these
folks --even with email -- are not on it (I can get a current list). Perhaps
a re-email to target people with a personal note is a good idea;
for the others we'll each have to mail the letter (and of course, follow up).
The journey of 1,000 miles starts with a single step ...

We need to get vital data for everyone for future use. Please get that
and results regarding signing on to the letter back to me.

Bill Sheehan


Compiled by Bill S. 8-29-96
[initials in 1st column: DK=Kirkpatrick; LK=King; n/b=Neil or Brenda;
ws=Sheehan e = known to be on email]

DK e Bernstein Scott CNT
DK e Evans Cathy Berkeley recycler
DK e Eyring Bill CNT
DK e Lombardi Eric EcoCycle
DK e Morgan-Hubbard Margaret EAF
DK e Pasterz Pete
DK e Perlmutter Amy Chelsea Center
DK e Powell Jerry Resource Recycling
DK e Wilt Cat U TN
DK Gainer Maggie consultant
DK Kehrer Larry Sunshares
DK Krebs Kate Arcata Commty Recycling
DK Pollock Blair "Chappel Hill, NC"
LK e Best Rick CAW
LK e Smith Coy MFF
LK Callahan Debra League Conservtn Voters -DC
LK Davis Jacy Solana Recyclers
LK Edwards Joan consultant
LK Enck Judy PIRG -NY
LK Hae Ellyn Recycling By Nature
LK Hind Rick Greenpeace -DC
LK Marin Marabel NRDC -LA
LK McCaull John Calif. Audubon -legis director
LK Schrag Elizabeth WA Citizens for Recycling
LK Schwartz Paul CWA -DC
LK Taylor Chris PIRG -OR
n/b e Forman Marty
n/b e Franklin Pat Container Recycling Institute
n/b e Gruder Sherrie
n/b e Hurd David Bronx 2000
n/b e Morris Jeff consultant
n/b e Silverstein Alan Ctr. Ecol. Technology
n/b Applehof Mary Flowerfield Enterprises
n/b Crater Jim
n/b Culver Alicia Govt. Purchasing Project
n/b Doppelt Bob
n/b Franco Marlene
n/b Friedman Naomi Natnl Assoc. Counties
n/b Gerace Ann "Conservation Consultants, PA"
n/b Ginsburg Bob Midwest Ctr. Labor Research
n/b Harvey Ollie WV Divn Nat. Resources
n/b Hubbard Susan AR govt
n/b Hunting John consultant
n/b Livingston Dennis BJEP ?
n/b McDonald Norris
n/b Sampson Maurice "Niche Recycling, PA"
n/b Vela Lupe LA
n/b Wasserman Harvey OH
ws e Adams Dwight Sierra Club
ws e Anderson Peter consultant
ws e Brewer Gretchen
ws e Christopher Linda Garbage Reincarnation
ws e Dimino Resa Bronx 2000
ws e Grogan Pete Wehrhauser
ws e Levy Tania City of Berkeley
ws e McNelly Jim composter
ws e Nordlund Bruce
ws e Perry Amy PIRG -MASS
ws Bloom Steve Sierra Club
ws Vanderharst John TN activist

e Barry Craig NCRA
e Chase C D
e DeBell Jack College recyclers
e Earth Island Institute Earth Island Institute
e Knapp Dan Urban Ore
e Schneider Anne reuse
e SEAC student activists SEAC
e Sinnott Portia
e Tkach Mary
e Young John Worldwatch Institute
Aman Lorry PIRG -OR
Anderson Mike
Birmingham Susan PIRG -US
Brownell Tim U MI
Commoner Barry
Connett Paul WOW
Fox Murray
Gibbs Lois CCHW
Kettleson Lee
Kinsella Susan
Mahdi Sulaimain Atlanta activist
Montague Peter ERF
Olsen Gary
Robinson Abrilla
Roper Cindy CWA
Shapiro Larry PIRG -NY
Simm Mary
Vittori Gail TX recycler