NY Times Article Booklet

Fri, 22 Jan 1999 16:15:17 -0500

re: Recycling is Garbage by John Tierney, New York Times Magazine

At virtually every meeting we have been to recently, the first thing the
audience wants to know is: How do we recyclers respond to the NY Times
It is amazing just how many people have read this article, and just how
many letters have been written - In our conversation with Mr. Tierney he aid
that the NY Times has gotten in excess of 2,000 letters thus far, which is
way way more letters than they ever gotten on any article! He stated that he
has been swamped with phone calls numbering in the hundreds and he sounded
like a very weary man.

The CRRA is publishing a Special Edition of RecycleScene which will
contain a reprint of Mr. Tierneys article along with our own article about
how this article came to be, the politics around it, and the reaction to it.
Our issue will contain a substantial number of letters and reactions to the
article, all of which either are very educational with respect to recycling
issues, or at the least provide a good example of what kind of letter to
write when such an article appears in the future. The issue will have a
table of contents to help you find letters on topics of interest to you such
as - curbside collection costs, landfill leakage problems, recycling based
jobs, and so on.

WE NEED YOU TO HELP FINANCIALLY! We need to raise $1500 to publish
this, and we need you to contribute. We are looking for sponsers to
contribute $150 each (We won't reject less) for which we will print your
name, any short description of you or your organization you like to include,
your adress and phone number, and a big thanks for helping out. Of course
you'll get a copy of this issue.

Please help us, by calling, FAXing, or e-mailing me your pledge, along
with the data you wish to submit no later than Friday Sep. 20,1996.
ph# (408) 462-1565, FAX (408) 462-4368, e-mail STEVESUESS@AOL.COM