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Date: 2 Oct 96 6:12:20
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Subject: Position Available

Position Available

The Board of Trustees of the Northeast Resource Recovery Association (NRRA) is
seeking an Executive Director.

NRRA, a national leader in the field of recycling since it was formed in 1981
by a group of municipal officials provides educational, technical, and
marketing assistance to New Hampshire communities in the area of waste
reduction, reuse, and recycling.

NRRA stays on the cutting edge of an emerging technology by developing and
implementing progressive, innovative programs. These "first in motion" programs
have received the highest compliment by being copied by others throughout the
United States. Although fourteen years old, the NRRA Cooperative Marketing
Program continues to be the model to which all new programs look.

Some of the exciting new projects the Association is presently involved with

- Computer Cooperative Marketing Program;
- Two tier (i.e., spot market or guaranteed floor) cooperative marketing
options; and
- Private for-profit feeder corporation.

Being the Executive Director of NRRA is a unique opportunity for someone with
strong leadership capabilities. Qualified individuals must have excellent
public relations skills, the ability to build, manage, and motivate staff, and
proficiency in oral and written communications. Fund balance is always a
challenge for non-profits, consequently, candidates should possess strong
financial, fundraising and grant management skills. Because NRRA is a service
organization formed to provide for its members, the ability of the Executive
Director to identify members' needs and appropriately maintain and initiate new
programs to fill those needs is essential. In addition, experience in municipal
government, the solid waste industry, and the marketing of recyclables, as well
as a proficiency in public speaking, are a plus. A Bachelor's Degree in public
or business administration, environmental science, or a related field is

While NRRA offices are located in Concord, New Hampshire, the organization is
regional in scope. There is a present staff of four full time individuals. The
budget for Fiscal Year 1997 (October 1, 1996 - September 30, 1997) is $417,000.
Salary range for the Executive Director position is $45,000-$50,000.

Candidates should send letters of interest and resumes to:

NRRA Search Committee
c/o Hyland
720 Bachelder Road
Pembroke NH 03275



Regional recycling non-profit in Concord, NH, seeks creative, energetic
individual to launch membership organization into 21st century. Recyclables
Marketing/Financial/Administrative experience; supervise staff of 4.
Bachelor's degree in Public or Business Administration, Environmental Science,
or related field. Budget $400K+
Salary Range $45,000 - $50,000.

Send resume to:
Search Committee
Northeast Resource Recovery Association
c/o Hyland
720 Bachelder Road
Pembroke NH 03275

Philip J. Prete
NC Division of Waste Management
(919) 733-0692 ext 252