Fwd: Zero Waste in WA State Task Force

Fri, 22 Jan 1999 16:14:03 -0500

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Subj: Re: Technology for re-sterilizing glass bottles
Date: 96-10-05 14:26:11 EDT
From: ZeroWaste

Hi Gary,

Thanks for the info. We're in touch with Encore.

Our recommendation for a zero waste goal got some flack, but I think it's
surviving as an inspirational goal. The final report is being revised these
next two weeks and then goes to the Task Force for approval at an added
meeting on Oct. 31. I'll be in touch once I know what the outcome of this
all is. If there's a brief version of the draft recommendations, or
executive summary, I'll e-mail that to you once it's been released to the
Task Force for their review. Stay tuned.

Jeff Morris