Navy dumps environmental orders
Fri, 22 Jan 1999 16:14:09 -0500

More damage on the Clinton watch

In addition to signing the immigration bill containing NEPA and ESA waivers
along both Mexico and Canada borders....

This just came in from fellow list-member and recycling-consultant Gretchen
Brewer regarding the results of requests to exempt Navy ships from dumping
in sensitive ocean areas. 8-(

>Date: Tue, 1 Oct 1996 04:42:37 -0400
>To: cdchase
>Subject: Navy Dumping
>I have bad news to report. Finally, yesterday I reached Kate Hinch at Center
>for Marine Conservation. She told me that the Navy managed the end-run in
>the defense budget reauthorization, persuading Congress in conference
>committee that Navy ships should be exempted from MARPOL prohibitions against
>dumping in special areas (the most sensitive oceans).

>This means ships will be allowed to dump pulped paper and food wastes, and
>shredded glass and metals (bagged in burlap) in these areas. Kate and others
>succeeded only in preventing the exemption from being extended to plastics

>They failed in another area as well: getting language in the bill requiring
>the Navy to plan for better waste management methods on future ships yet to
>be built. This is another defeat, as the Navy itself had pledged in earlier
>planning documents that they would try to do better with new ships than is
>possible with existing ships (where I've seen myself that there are real
>problems finding space to store garbage till ships return to port).
>Kate thinks that Pres. Clinton has already signed the budget authorization,
>but she wasn't sure and was going to have her legal person get in touch with

>If there's more to report, I'll let you know. Also, I'll be following this
>business in hopes an opportunity may arise to turn it around next year, or
>whenever. It's a real bummer.