Landfill alternatives
Fri, 22 Jan 1999 16:14:05 -0500

One response I received to an article I wrote in my Chapter newsletter on
waste issues in my state (VA) was from another Sierra Club member who works at
the World Bank. He is in a department called Learning and Leadership and one
thing he does is help others do a proper project analysis. He is looking at
case studies and would like information, probably in the form of references to
useful materials such as reports and studies, on solid waste. He was
especially interested in market-based strategies which could help avoid the
problems I described concerning waste imports and subsequent mega-landfills in
rural areas.

The only topic which came immediately to mind was unit-based collection rates,
and I have material on that. Can any of you suggest other documents that
might be useful to pass on? Thank you

Roger Diedrich
(703) 352-2410