Re: Free Dump Day
Fri, 22 Jan 1999 16:13:59 -0500


They have dump days in the NH Seacoast area too (Dover, Durham, maybe
Portsmouth, Newmarket, etc.). I think they do it for the same reasons as
in your area; to discourage illegal dumping as most of the programs in this
area are "pay for bag" (you pay $1.00 for each garbage bag thrown away).
The only benefit I think we have over you is that most of our solid
waste/recycling programs around here are curbside, so if people put things
out early (they start a week in advance), reusables are sure to be
scavenged. Metal is normally recycled (any appliances) by the towns, and
wood tends to disappear (a friend of mine met a woman who collected wood
one spring, and built a deck behind her house). People are pretty good
about donating food and clothing and some furniture pieces to charity.
The discouraging thing for me is carpets. These are thrown out in mass
quantities, especially here at UNH during moveout by the students, and by
students living off campus. Don't have any long-term solutions to
recommend, but here's the scoop for the other side of the states.


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