has Italy gone to a standardized bottle sys.? -Reply

Fri, 22 Jan 1999 16:13:54 -0500

>>> David Stephenson writes on 10/8/96
I remember reading several years ago that Italy was going to mandate
a nationwide system of standardized, refillable bottles. What
troubles me about the concept is that, as with any mandated system,
it would discourage packaging innovation that might ultimately result
in a better solution.>>>

Not even a problem David, At the very best, plastic bottles used for
milk delivery (which arguably represent improved technology -
shatterproof & lighter than glass) only return 70-100 times - which
might represent a years use. Glass returns far fewer times 10-17
times as I recall, so introduction of new technology is hardly
delayed. A better mouse trap could easily compete - assuming fair
competition in the market and the absence of monolithic corporate
giants squeezing out competition (but then I repeat myself). The
delay of innovation is far more a function of unfair market practices
than it is one of design for reuse or recycling.
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