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Thought you might find this interesting.


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>>> Nilak Butler                  Winona LaDuke
>>>     Greenpeace                    Indigenous Women's Network (IWN)
>>>     568 Howard, 3rd Floor         7th Generation Fund
>>>     San Francisco CA 94105        Rte.1 Box 308
>>>     415-512-9025                  Ponsford MN 56575
>>>                                   218-573-3049
>>>     Tom Goldtooth                 Christopher Peters
>>>     Indigenous Environmental      7th Generation Fund
>>>     Network  (IEN)                PO Box 4569
>>>     PO Box 485                    Arcata CA 95521
>>>     Bemidji MN 56601              707-825-7640
>>>     218-751-4769
>>>     ien@igc.apc.org
>>>     Lea Foushee
>>>     IWN
>>>     PO Box 174
>>>     Lake Elmo MN 55042
>>>     612-777-3629
>>>                               UNPLUG AMERICA
>>>                        GIVE MOTHER EARTH A REST DAY
>>>                                 OCTOBER 13
>>>     The "Unplug America - Give Mother Earth a Rest Day" campaign was
>>>     introduced in 1992 by Indigenous Peoples to invite all people to
>>>     show our love and respect for our Mother Earth and all the sacred
>>>     Life Circles by challenging unhealthy patterns of consumption and
>>>     the continued production of poisons that destroy our environment.
>>>     October 13 is a day to "UNPLUG," turn off the TV and radio, shut
>>>     off the taps, take a walk and leave the fossil-fuel burning
>>>     vehicle at home. It's only one day but it's the first step towards
>>>     restoring our land and resources - to reflect on how much we
>>>     actually consume - individually, nationally and globally - a
>>>     starting to act for future generations.
>>>     It is an exciting opportunity to explore other choices, ways of
>>>     life that are healthy and sustainable - a Celebration of Life
>>>     honoring the interdependency of all species.
>>>                   What's the big deal about consumption?
>>>     Everything we consume has an impact on the environment. Where does
>>>     your power come from? Your paper? Your gas? Where does your
>>>     garbage go?
>>>     No one is saying to go freeze in the dark. It has to do with
>>>     taking only what you need and being a responsible human being. We
>>>     need to take action and save our resources. Our future depends on
>>>     it.
>>>                        Consumption and Indian Lands
>>>     Uranium, natural gas, oil, timber, water and other minerals are
>>>     found on Indigenous Lands. These valuable "natural resources" have
>>>     been taken by corporations that are not concerned with the effects
>>>     this will have on the cultures, ways of life, health and well-
>>>     being of the land and the native people on the land. The
>>>     destruction of our land is the destruction of our People.
>>>     The wealth the corporations make are at the expense of our
>>>     Peoples. This has been the pattern since initial contact and
>>>     numerous Native Lands are targeted for future "development."
>>>     One example of this irresponsible and dangerous method of "natural
>>>     resource development" is the 1000 abandoned uranium mines on the
>>>     Navajo Reservation - totally unreclaimed and highly contaminated.
>>>     This has caused widespread radioactive contamination of the land
>>>     and water which also seeps into rivers and streams that flow into
>>>     major water sources throughout the Southwest.
>>>     Unsafe and unhealthy practices are being conducted throughout the
>>>     world - Indigenous Peoples of the Pacific, South and Central
>>>     America and others are feeding the American/Canadian energy
>>>     habits. There are other choices of sustainable and healthy energy
>>>     production - solar power - wind power.
>>>                Native People are doing something about it.
>>>     The Cree People (Canada) succeeded in securing a moratorium from
>>>     Hydro Quebec on a mega-dam project called James Bay II.
>>>     The Gros Ventre & Assiniboine People (Montana) are fighting North
>>>     America's largest open pit heapleach gold mine in the sacred
>>>     Little Rocky Mountains.
>>>     "Lomasumi-nangwtk-wsiwmani' (The Hopi Foundation - Arizona) has
>>>     placed photovoltaic solar panels atop 50 houses on the
>>>     reservation.
>>>     California Indian Basket Weavers are opposing herbicide and
>>>     pesticide spraying on their plant resources.
>>>     Gwitchin People (Alaska) are the front line of protest in
>>>     opposition to oil development within the Arctic National Wildlife
>>>     Refuge - to protect their way of life and the Porcupine Caribou.
>>>     The Apache People struggle for Religious Freedom in their efforts
>>>     to prevent the Catholic Church and the University of Arizona from
>>>     building an observatory their sacred Mount Graham.
>>>     White Earth Land Recovery Project (Minnesota) is reclaiming stolen
>>>     and endangered lands.
>>>     The Anishinabe, Potawatomi, Oneida, Menominee and
>>>     Stockridge-Munsee Tribes (Wisconsin) are battling Exxon/Rio Algom
>>>     from developing a metallic-sulfide mine that would poison their
>>>     land, water and culture.
>>>     Dine People (Navajo) have defeated toxic waste incinerators, waste
>>>     dumps and have stopped clear cutting timber.
>>>     Indigenous Peoples in Oklahoma are working to defend their lands
>>>     from contamination by oil and gas development and underground well
>>>     injection of toxic waste.
>>>     Over 16 Native Nations have said "NO" to nuclear waste dumps on
>>>     their lands.
>>>                              NOW IS THE TIME
>>>     All of us, together, must make a change - from a society based on
>>>     consumption to one based on survival. Sustainable practices are
>>>     one key to accomplish the needed changes for generations to come.
>>>     We invite you to join UNPLUG America - Give Mother Earth a Rest
>>>     Day.

> >"When the last tree has died and the last river has been poisoned and the >last fish has been caught, we will realize that we cannot eat, breath or >drink money." > > >