PCSD Update (Pres. Council Sustainable Devel.)

Fri, 22 Jan 1999 16:13:36 -0500

[Forwarded from a Sierra Club source]

Update on the President's Council on Sustainable Development (PCSD)

Last spring PCSD released Sustainable America- A New Consensus
- in addition, separate Task Force reports reflecting the work of
certain Council members and many non- Council members, were released with some
still coming out this fall. (already released: Energy and Transportation,
Sustainable Agriculture, Eco-efficiency and Population and Consumption;- to be
released end of Oct- Public Education, Dialogue and Linkages, Sustainable
Communities;- following that, Natural Resources. To obtain copies and stay
aware of the latest contact http//www.whitehouse.gov/PCSD or call

On October 16, 1996, the PCSD had its first meeting with some additional
members to replace those who had rotated off. Added were Scott Bernstein,
President Center for Neighborhood Technologies(Chicago), Secretary Cisneros.
US Dept HUD, Randall Franke, Commissioner Marion County. Oregon, Mr Kantor,
Sec Commerce, Philip Lader, Us Small Business Admin., Sec Pena, US Dept.
Transportation, Susan Savage, Mayor City of Tulsa, Ray Anderson CEO Interface
and awaiting confirmation, Carl Anthony, Pres. Earth Island Institute.

The added members reflect the need to now move from policy to implementation.
Given that, a new task force and working group structure has been set up as

Local , State and Regional Approaches- under it is the new Joint Center for
Sustainable Communities, a focus by the Conference of Mayors and Association
of Counties with funds($500,000 from EPA and Commerce) to help local officials
implement more sustainable practices. There is also a Metropolitan Working
Group focusing on a few key areas as models for regional lessons, and a
Pacific Northwest Regional Council that will be used as a model of setting up
smaller PCSD's)- it is funded with help from NOAA and is seeking funds from
corporations and foundations (as is the Center above).

New National Opportunities Task Force - it is proceeding on three projects
including Eco-Industrial Parks, Extended Product Responsibility and Lessons
Learned from Collaborative Approaches (analyzing how efforts like Project XL
offer ideas for future implementation re regulatory responses)

International Task Force - it will focus on followup to
Rio (Rio plus 5), interactions with the over 80 other country "Councils". and
trade activities ( Japan, Bolivia Summit etc)

In addition there are a few other working groups mainly staffed by Federal
agency reps;

Federal group on indicators, materials and energy flows, education for
sustainability and an interagency Task Force with Katie McGinty (CEQ) and
Laura Tyson (Clinton's Economic Advisor).

In addition, though not formerly part of PCSD, but consisting of some Council
members and their liaisons is one on Fiscal Policy and Subsidy Reform.

A report to the President regarding implementation activities will be prepared
and approved at the next PCSD meeting in DC on December 11, 1996.
Determination will be made at that time on the future of the Council and its
makeup. The final report will include material now being prepared that
encompasses a major compilation of agency efforts that already meet the goals
of the PCSD report and areas where action is still needed.