Re: Manufacturer's responsibility
Fri, 22 Jan 1999 16:13:10 -0500


DON'T work with manufacturer trade associations on this issue. Work with
progressive manufacturers who are already doing what is proposed, and will
benefit from additional efforts like that. That's how we got IWM adopted in
the mid80s. Waste haulers associations were not supportive. But we got
progressive haulers to join with us in supporting the direction, and
designing it in a way that they could benefit by being in the lead.

Also, in today's political climate, it's important to talk about incentives,
tax credits, policies and alliances to accomplish these goals. We don't have
to use command and control techniques to accomplish all of this. We need our
whole network to develop a menu of these tools for all of us to choose from
in getting through whatever we can in each state to prove their

CHALLENGE TO ALL ON THIS NETWORK: What incentives, tax credits, policies and
alliance models can you cite as being adopted and effective somewhere in
getting businesses to expand their waste prevention, reuse, recycling and
composting activities? This should be a running dialog for the next month on
this network!!!!

Gary Liss