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Great. The trick on playing the press will be to show that there is a big
uptick in the number of people rallying this year compared to prior years (or
responding to the protest) or whatever so that we can say it is news.

Then the other question is what the protest rally's build up to.

I am not so sure anymore -- what with the enormous increase in plastics
market share over the past 10 years -- that it is credible to push bans
anymore(and with the rapidly changing makeup of the packaging markets, it's
not clear that it was ever really feasible as a long term strategy). But,
how about a tax on virgin resin sales! This has the advantage of raising
revenues in a time when politicians are looking for any new sources it can
and where it will be characterized like additional sin taxes on cigarettes,
if we play our cards right on stigmatizing plastics again -- not for its
performance or usage by people -- but because the evil corporate bastards are
refusing to live up to their promises and their public responsibilities, etc.
Each penny per pound tax would raise about $700 million annually.

A cute trick would be to find some socially good program that is needed and
costs about that much and pair the two together.

Anything to show the Dow's of the world that "we're back" (to quote Paul

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FYI - CRRA is reactivating its Take the Wrap campaign in San Diego Chapter.
They will be mailing back polystyrene trays to manufacturers, in protest of
NPRC stopping their recycling program that NPRC started in the schools in San
Diego. Our members there are furious at NPRC renegging on their commitments.

Gary Liss