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Re[2]: Fwd: Is more recycling the answer?

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Date: Sun, 03 Nov 96 20:53:07
Subject: Re[2]: Fwd: Is more recycling the answer?


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Susan had some great ideas.

I have some questions and comments:

I believe people do have a "gut feeling" about source reduction hurting the
economy. What is the link between source reduction and the economy ? What
would reducing packageing and increasing the life of consumer products have on
the economy ? I would think that in an ecomony in which the service sector is
increaseing, source reduction would have less of an impact. But of course, I am
not an economist.

I think its easy for a person to say they recycle and know that they are doing
it. Its very difficult for me to say that because I am buying more expensive
clothes that (I think ) last longer, I am doing source reduction. I could go on
and on listing my personal choices that I think might reduce waste but really
wonder if it does. David Assmann disscussing an education program was great.

Also reducing your waste has so many negative connatations. Oprah Winfrey did a
show a long time ago talking about people who do such silly things as washing a
baggy. In other words, reducing or reusing is often seen as being cheap or
She has also commented that when she was first working at a local TV station
used to have to cut off the leg of her pantyhose that were ruined and save the
good one to wear. Now, since she is one of richest people in the entertainment
industry, she doesn't have to worry about her pantyhose budget. Most people
would rather carry a shopping bag around because they are reducing waste than
because they are homeless.


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