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GreenYes Digest Wed, 6 Nov 96 Volume 96 : Issue 16

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Fwd: CA Recycling Policy Seminars Release

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Date: Tue, 5 Nov 1996 23:47:57 -0500
Subject: Fwd: CA Recycling Policy Seminars Release

Forwarded message:
From: (Michele Raymond)
Date: 96-11-05 20:33:29 EST

Dear Friends:

Finally here is the release on the policy seminars -- note the new day for
the Sacramento seminar.

We have added a special Business Briefingin the afternoon of Dec 12 in
Sacramento. This is designed for my customers and other interested parties.
There will be an extra fee for this session, but it will include all
materials from both of my sessions.

Please forward this to friends and post!


Immediate Release:

California Recycling Seminars to Assess US., International Policies

Have U.S. states succeeded with their recycling policies? Does "producer
responsibility" make sense? Is America "maxed out" on recycling?

In an attempt to find out what is working in other states, the California
Resource Recovery Association (CRRA) will sponsor two one-day recycling
policy seminars (entitled "State Recycling Laws Update") this fall: one in
San Diego December 11 and Sacramento December 12. The morning sessions will
be followed by CRRA strategy meetings, and a special afternoon briefing for
business in Sacramento.

Michele Raymond, publisher of the newsletter State Recycling Laws Update,
will present results of her state surveys of recycling managers, and some
figures from Franklin Associates to analyze what is - and what is not
working in the states to maximize recycling.

Everything -- from glass recycling to industry numbers-- to use of recycled
paper be will be questioned. Other speakers will provide their analysis and
debate on the topic.

In the optional afternoon business briefing, Raymond will provide further
details of the U.S. survey, plus an update on European producer
responsibility laws for packaging and electronics take-backs; analysis of
Japan's recycling position, and some new information on international
ecolabelling of computers. The fee for the business briefing will include
text for both sessions, with charts.

For registration information, please contact Gary Liss, CRRA, Loomis CA, at
916/652-4450 Fax 916 652-0250 or E-mail

Raymond Communications In.c, also publishes Recycling Laws International and
provides custom research in recycling policy. Raymond has been following the
issue for eight years. Information: phone 301/345-4237; Fax 301/345-4768;
e:mail:; web site go to:

12/11: City of San Diego, Environmental Services Department, 1st Floor
Conference Room, 9601 Ridgehaven Court, San Diego, CA.

12/12/96 - KVIE (PBS) Studios, 2595 Capitol Oaks Drive, Sacramento, CA.


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