CFP: Journal of Industrial Ecology
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J o u r n a l o f I n d u s t r i a l E c o l o g y

Editors: David Allen, John Ehrenfeld, Reid Lifset (Editor-in-Chief)
First Issue: Spring 1997

The MIT Press is pleased to announce the publication of the Journal of
Industrial Ecology, an international, multi-disciplinary quarterly designed
to foster both understanding and practice in the emerging field of
industrial ecology. The Journal will be owned by Yale University, edited at
the Yale University School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, and
published by The MIT Press.

Premiering with its first issue in spring 1997, Journal of Industrial
Ecology is open to and encourages submissions that are interdisciplinary in
approach. In addition to more formal academic papers, the journal seeks to
provide a forum for continuing exchange of information and opinions through
contributions from scholars, environmental managers, policymakers, advocates
and others involved in environmental science, management and policy. Topics
addressed by the journal include:

* material and energy flows studies ("industrial metabolism")
* technological change
* dematerialization and decarbonization
* life cycle planning, design and assessment
* design for the environment
* extended producer responsibility ("product stewardship")
* eco-industrial parks ("industrial symbiosis")
* product-oriented environmental policy
* eco-efficiency.

For complete instructions for authors, as well as additional information on
the journal, consult the Journal of Industrial Ecology page at the MIT Press
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