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GreenYes Digest Wed, 20 Nov 96 Volume 96 : Issue 27

Today's Topics:
Fire Sale on Wasting in So.Cal.
Grassroots Recycling Network
Yale study

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Date: Tue, 19 Nov 1996 13:34:31, -0500
Subject: Fire Sale on Wasting in So.Cal.

Sweetheart deals are being cut in the greater Los Angeles area, and
the result is Class III landfill tipping fees as low as $18 per ton.
Since these prices are ridiculously low, there is pressure to
increase capacity to simply break-even. One private landfill owner
has had to sell off assets and look for other sources of revenue to
cover the closure and post-closure monitoring costs of a recently
closed landfill (since the tipping fees were not high enough during
the operation of the landfill... and the competitive pressures did
not allow an increase).

What does all of this mean? Until the madness ends at the local,
regional landfills (i.e., until they close) there is very little
economic incentive to prevent waste or recycle. Eventually, we will
be looking at transfer/inter modal facilities and long-haul
operations, and this will force tipping fees up. However, this time
horizon extends beyond the State of California's 50% waste diversion
mandate, and thus creates some conflict.



Date: Tue, 19 Nov 1996 09:03:26, -0500
Subject: Grassroots Recycling Network

I attended the NRC Congress in Pittsburgh and signed up to be part of
the Grassroots Recycling Network. To date I have not seen any
correspondence via e-mail or regular mail.

Has anything been happening? I signed up under John Weed with a e-
mail adddress of


Date: Tue, 19 Nov 1996 11:19:07 -0500 (EST)
From: Reid Lifset <>
Subject: Yale study

At 10:25 PM 11/18/96 EST, you wrote:
>A while ago there was information on a report from Yale. I missed the msg.
>Can anyone give me some information about how to obtain the study?

The Yale Working Papers can be obtained by using the order form attached
below. Additional information on the Working Paper Series on Solid Waste
Policy can be found at


Thank you for inquiring about the Yale Working Papers on Solid Waste
Policy. Currently, we have five working papers available:

1. "Does the Solid Waste Hierarchy Make Sense? A Technical, Economic and
Environmental Justification for the Priority of Source Reduction and
Recycling," John Schall. (October 1992, 85p). $12.00

2. "Less Waste on the Loading Dock: Competitive Strategy and the
Reduction of Logistical Packaging Waste," Diana Twede. (September 1995,
32p). $10.00

3. "What Won't Get Harvested, Where and When: The Effects of Increased
Paper Recycling on Timber Harvest," Peter Ince. (October 1995, 75p). $15.00

4. "No Time to Waste: Time Use and the Generation of Residential Solid
Waste," Geoffrey Godbey. (August 1996, 49p). $13.00

5. "Back to Basics? The Viability of Plastics Recycling by Tertiary
Processes," T. Randall Curlee & Sujit Das. (September 1996, 40 p). $11.00
If you would like to order any of the above working papers please send the
following information with payment to:

Working Papers
Yale Program on Solid Waste Policy
School of Forestry and Environmental Studies
205 Prospect St.
New Haven, CT 06511-2106

1. Include Your:
Name, Title
Mailing address
Telephone and Fax number
E-mail address

2. Which paper(s) you would like to order:
paper #
total cost**

3. Whether or not you would like to be added to our mailing list [if
possible, please indicate your e-mail address]

4. With a check made out to: Yale School of Forestry and Environmental

*Please add US$4.50 per paper for international orders. Due to the high
cost of bank processing fees, international orders outside of Canada must
be in the form of international money orders or checks written on American

**Papers will be sent 3rd class mail. If you desire faster delivery,
- add $2.50 for 1st class mail per order
- send us your federal express account #

The Federal Tax Identification Number for Yale University is: 0606-46-973.

Abstracts of each working paper are also available through e-mail. Just
send a message to indicating which abstract you would like
to receive.

Program on Solid Waste Policy
School of Forestry and Environmental Studies
Yale University
205 Prospect Street
New Haven,CT 06511-2106
203-432-3253 (telephone)
203-432-5912 (fax)


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