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GreenYes Digest Thu, 21 Nov 96 Volume 96 : Issue 28

Today's Topics:
Contact in Seattle
Fire Sale on Wasting in So.Cal.
FW: Buy Nothing Non-Advertising
Fwd: Earth Day Update
Now is the Time

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Date: Wed, 20 Nov 1996 09:01:38 CDT
From: "John Reindl 608-267-8815" <>
Subject: Contact in Seattle

Dear List Members -

Can someone help Dario out? (He lives in Israel). He's not a list member,
so it would best to contact him directly.

Thanks very much,

John Reindl

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Date: Tue, 19 Nov 1996 14:51:52 +0200
From: (Dario Navarra (Amnir+972-6-349590))
Subject: again bothering you!

Dear John, here I am again. I would like to contact somebody in
Seattle Municipality, in charge of recycling education or similar.
The local TV screened a very good Video about recycling inb Seattle;
mixed with Archeological Refuse findings.
May be you could find whom I may contact to purchase such a cassette
I hope I am not abusing of your kindness. Thanmk you for your help dario


Date: Wed, 20 Nov 1996 20:04:42 -0500
Subject: Fire Sale on Wasting in So.Cal.

Dear DAVID and GreenYes,
I am curious: Why have tipping fees as low as $18 when you can get
more? Must be something in the weetheart deal???
If we had a Zero Waste Goal coupled with a rising tipping fee/tax on
waste, coupled with a no new landfills goal, coupled with a kind of "commons"
regulatory system ala Hawkens that allowed higher profits for slower filling
(like negawatts), well then I would imagine that landfill owners would feel
the urge to make their landfills last a long long time!
PS: You mentioned the landfill owners not having the funds for
closure..... This is why I support only the government owning landfills!
We, the public are going to be paying for them eventually anyway - let's at
least be honest about it!


Date: Wed, 20 Nov 1996 11:00:30 -0800
From: Robin Salsburg <>
Subject: FW: Buy Nothing Non-Advertising

From: John Gear[]
Sent: Tuesday, November 19, 1996 5:32 AM
To: (Recipient list suppressed)

>The "Advertising Standards" Dept.
>All three major TV networks reached agreement on advertising that must be
>deemed unacceptable. All refused to air a 30 second message produced by
>the "guerrilla" media company Adbusters. The ad urges viewers to stop
>their consumption for 24 hours and participate in "Buy Nothing Day" on the
>Friday after Thanksgiving. Said Richard Gitter of NBC, "We don't want to
>accept any advertising that's inimicable to our legitimate business
>interests." Very honest and straightforward. But Matthew Margo, CBS VP of
>Program Practices, deserves kudos for crossing the border into Newspeak
>land with this response. "We can't run your ad. It's an advocacy ad."
>Let's see if we have this straight. The message "Buy nothing" is advocacy
>but any message saying "Buy something" is not. Got it?.... A footnote.
>"Advocacy" was originally a French word referring to the presentation of
>rational arguments and evidence in a court of law. No wonder advertisers,
>whose idea of rational argument is a straight line from product to
>cleavage, feel uncomfortable with it. (Adbusters Press Release, 11/14)


Date: Wed, 20 Nov 1996 20:05:20 -0500
Subject: Fwd: Earth Day Update

Forwarded message:
From: (Bay Area Action)
Date: 96-11-19 01:35:10 EST

Dear Forest Activists:

Our recent Earth Day meeting at the Berkeley Ecology Center brought
together 25 people representing environmental organizations from throughout
the Bay Area. One outcome of the meeting was the decision to make the
preservation of ancient forests a central campaign of Earth Day '97. We
hope you can join us for our next coalition meeting on:

January 15 (Wed.), 7pm
at the Rose Foundation
6008 College Ave., Suite #10, Oakland
(2 blocks north of Rockridge BART)

The other major Earth Day campaign is the "Three-Point Paper Plan."
Schools and businesses will be encouraged to: 1) reduce their consumption
of paper, 2) rethink the kind of paper they use, and 3) recycle all waste
paper. During Earth Week (April 21 - 27) schools and businesses will be
encouraged to use alternative papers (i.e. kenaf).

A special alternative paper task force will meet on December 4 at 7pm
somewhere in Berkeley or San Francisco to discuss criteria for paper the
coalition will endorse. If you would like to attend this meeting, please
call Laura for details, (415) 321-1994.


Earth Day is about reaching out to new people and encouraging them to
become more active in the environmental movement. As part of Earth Day
'97: Forests for the Future, the coalition is considering: organizing an
alternative (tree-free) product symposium, promoting legislation, creating
an "Adopt-a-Forest" program, encouraging city and county resolutions,
organizing demonstrations, distributing curricula to schools, organizing
school art projects, encouraging letter writing and lobbying, organizing
hikes, hosting speakers and videos, and encouraging TV stations to
broadcast forest programs during Earth Week (do you have any good program

But of course, these are only ideas until someone or some group takes them
on (with help from the rest of the coalition of course). So please
consider how you would like to be active in making Earth Day as successful
as possible.


1) In your letters to the editor, mention that the theme of Earth Day
'97 is "Forests for the Future."
2) Include an article about Earth Day in your next newsletter (for a
sample article, call Peter at (415) 321-1994).
3) Adopt a high school or college, and act as liaison between the
Earth Day Coalition and that school. (Please let us know what school you
will work with, (415) 321-1994.)
4) Adopt a photocopy shop and encourage them to offer alternative
papers during Earth Month (April).
5) Print your newsletter on alternative paper.
6) Spread the word about Earth Day to companies that offer tree-free
products and to people who you think would like to help organize events and
campaigns. Also, Put them in touch with us, and encourage them to come to
the next coalition meeting.


In order to assess the coalition's strengths and weaknesses, it was
suggested that we do a survey to find out what each group has to offer.
Please take a few minutes to think about your role in Earth Day, and send
us a note about the resources you could contribute to the campaign. Some
ideas are: neighborhood canvassing, information in your newsletter, active
members, money, information on issues, willingness to speak to groups, an
interest in meeting with politicians, phone banking, tracking legislation,
legal support, etc.


November 20 (Wed.), 7pm - This meeting will focus on how to involve
students in Earth Day. Located at Bay Area Action, 715 Colorado Ave. in
Palo Alto.

December 10 (Tues.), 7pm - This meeting will focus on how to
involve businesses in Earth Day. Located at Bay Area Action, 715 Colorado
Ave. in Palo Alto.


Please copy this letter and send it to interested parties. People who
would like to be on the Earth Day email alert list should send a message to

Also, check out our web page at http//


Bay Area Action, Berkeley Earth Day, Cal State Hayward Earth Day, Clayoquot
Rainforest Coalition, Committee for Green Foothills, Contra Costa County
Earth Day, Earth Aid Foundation, Earth Day Resources, EcoCorps,
Environmental Protection Information Center, Forests Forever, Friends of
the Urban Forest, Green City Program, In Defense of Animals, Magic, Marin
ReLeaf, Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District, Pacific Environment and
Resources Center, People for Healthy Forests, Rethinking Paper, San
Francisco Vegetarian Society, San Jose State Earth Day, Santa Clara Valley
Audubon Society, Sempervirens Fund, Western Ancient Forest Campaign,
Wildlands Restoration Team, Wood Reduction Clearinghouse


Date: Wed, 20 Nov 1996 16:00:39 -0500
Subject: Now is the Time

Below is the result of recent voting poll. From this it is time to
realize that the moemtum has turned back in our direction once more and it is
time to take to the offensive. Enough of this defensive nonsence!
It is not time to waste creating another monster organization, and it is
not time to waste hashing over nd over the same pie in the sky stuff! It is
time to get real, decide what is politically realisitc and take to the
Unfortunately I do not see the GRN doing these things, and I am worried
that it will go the way of the NRC!

Results released from a national survey conducted on the eve of
the election show that a candidate's stand on environmental
issues was a top consideration for voters in 1996. According to
the survey of 788 adults, 85% of Americans said that a
candidate's position on "clean air, clean water standards, and
protecting the environment" was very important or somewhat
important in determining how they would vote. This is a 27%
increase from last year and a 55% increase from 1994. Commenting
on the poll's impact on the next Congress, EIC executive director
Phil Clapp said, "The winners will need to respect the public's
support for environmental protection when they return to Capitol
Hill. More and more, the political environment is
pro-environment." The poll, conducted by ICR Research of Media,
PA, has an error margin of +/- 2.5%.


End of GreenYes Digest V96 #28