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GreenYes Digest Thu, 26 Dec 96 Volume 96 : Issue 60

Today's Topics:
Eagle Mountain Megalandfill

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Date: Wed, 25 Dec 1996 10:20:17 -0700
From: (Jane M Williams) (by way of (Carolyn
Subject: Eagle Mountain Megalandfill

Here is another way in which the Greater LA area seeks to continue its
urban sprawl....but imho Zero Waste means no more landfills! --cdc

To: Environmental Colleagues
=46rom: Jane Williams, Desert Citizens Against Pollution
Re: Eagle Mountain Megalandfill
December 22, 1996

Dear All,

I have received many requests for information about the proposed
megalandfill at Eagle Mountain, adjacent to Joshua Tree National Park.
The proposed landfill would be sited in the old Kaiser Steel Mine Pits
1.5 miles from the boundary of the park. The Los Angeles Aqueduct runs
next to the location as well.

Trash from Southern California would be rail hauled here at the rate of
17,000 tons per day for over 100 years, dumping over 500 million tons of
trash in this desert location. Local citizens and environmental groups
oppose the proposed dump based on several key impacts:

* The trash would be hauled through habitat critical to the
survival of the endangered desert tortoise and the desert pupfish.

* The resulting air emissions (over 250 tons per year) from the
landfill would impact air quality in the basin and degrade the air
quality in Joshua Tree National Park.

* The bottom of the old iron ore pits have been fractured by
explosives used in mining; thus assuring that the landfill will
eventually leak, contaminating the underlying aquifer which is connected
to the Colorado River.

* Citizens of the county do not want 20,000 tons of trash hauled
through their county everyday.

* Wind-blown trash attracts ravens, who feed on desert tortoise
hatchlings, reducing the chances for the survival of the species.

There are environmental groups in the desert regions who are concerned
about this project and some national groups as well. If you would like
more information on how to plug into the efforts to fight this dump or
one of the other five proposed nuclear, toxic, and garbage dumps plannd
for the desert, please email me back and I will provide you with further
information and ideas on how to plug into efforts to save California=EDs
deserts from becoming a national dumping ground.

Thank you for your inquiry. Have a great holiday season!!


Jane Williams
Desert Citizens Against Pollution
3813 50th Street West
Rosamond, CA 93560
805-256-0968 * 805-256-0674 facsimile


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